Wednesday, February 16, 2011


This post is my thoughts on the movie Cyrus starring Johan Hill, Morisa Tomei and John C Reilly (elsa's choice). Why is John C Reilly known as John "C" Reilly? Is there really any chance of us mistaking him for another John Reilly? I guess John C Reilly does have a nice ring to it...

This is movie was charmingly amatuerish. It is more of a fable than a film. It is very short and feels very short and the plot does not twist. It barely manages to wiggle. The movie is kind of like if Punch Drunk Love was cut in half and rated PG. I am kind of disturbed that a pair of brothers directed it for some reason. One thing Cyrus is not is the roaring comedy that the previews promise. The comedy is very understated, though it is funny. The characters are well developed, well rounded and well acted. Not much to say about this movie. I guess there just isn't much to the movie. It is a pleasant little modern fable.

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