Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I don't believe there is anything inherently wrong with commerce. Just imagine a world where dynamic people were creating dynamic products for people-of-a-like-mind to appreciate a purchase. I went to Crossroads Mall today to get a hip hat for my cold, peach-fuzz-buzzed head and it was abandoned, with the exception of the 57 year-old, grey haired, black security guard telling the Arab watch salesmen about the harsh wind outside. Empty store fronts checkered by obsolete stores, without a soul to market to, except me I suppose.

The whole economy is failing but I don't notice it down here. I was in La Buevette today and it was packed with cheery people chatting and alive. Target and Old Navy and Radioshack were all sad and confused when I wondered in. It only took a few steps in, until I realized... whatever I realized. That these places held nothing to fulfill the my needs. Only excess, and bland excess at that. Uninspired. Filtered a thousand times through focus groups and round tables. Reaching for youth. For an idea. Life. Blood. Failing horribly. Embarrassment. That's what I felt when I went into these established chains. Embarrassed for them at how badly they had failed and how lost they seemed. Not sad. The culture I love is thriving and always will thrive. Just another example of how any industry will always fail to capture the youth and DIY they chase in vain. Maybe they aren't failing. Maybe the mall further uptown is thriving. Maybe I just don't understand their goals. I suppose that's fine.


  1. i love that you have this. i will read it everyday from my cubeland. xo-amy

  2. well put. its pretty dizzying to go into large chains since i've effectively distanced myself from that culture such that it seems like a crazy circus to me, something that i am untouched by... i think thats what you're describing somewhat.

    p.s. what are you doing this weekend? we play at waiting room on saturday, and i hope to stay the weekend (maybe a bit longer, no school next week). let me know if you're freeeeee