Friday, March 13, 2009

Currently on a Hiatus of self discovery, an attempt of sorts (yeah one of those) and found some old poems that describe some feelings I have about it.


Oh I wander from room to room like a ghost
knocking all the fine china over as I pass through
Its like pulling teeth to get food in my mouth
the stuff touching my lips and falling right out
Now all I can do is blur my mind
with those things, so kind
Confuse me just enough
to forget why I started


its easy to forget
that to go against the waves
is to rebel against the whole ocean of your body
even brisk air betrays me now
hurts my lungs, revealing them to be shriveled
lay in bed with legs too heavy to lift
muscles twitch, unable to animate anything
fat oatmeal flesh, sagging, pale, dusty and blue
overwhelms my violin string tendons
reduced to a frightened, confused child
unable to fight this mythological gravity
at least for tonight


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  2. 2nd one, just brilliant. "at least for tonight"- and so be it, though on & on it doth go, though nights onto themselves built up into towers that allow us to cool ourselves in the shade, in the shadow of our experience. so we are children, yes it's how i think of us all and i particularly think so you and i. let us elaborate on this. wanna make a zine?